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Year 6

Year 6 is made up of fout classes:

South Africa, Madagasca Kenya and Ghana 

Welcome to the Year 6 home page! 

South Africa- Miss Parry

Madagasca -Miss Marie

Kenya - Mrs Mitchell 

Ghana-Miss Carter


The start and the end of the day
Year 6 start the day at 8.35am and finish at 3.15pm, entering and exiting through the green doors on the KS2 playground. Please can we remind you that children should arrive only at school at our designated time of 8.20am and not before. If you would like your child to walk home, please contact the school office.
What to bring to school
Children in year 6 only need bring to school a water bottle, their packed lunch and a suitable coat for the weather. Should any child need to bring in a mobile phone, for example if they are walking home on their own, they must be handed to the class teacher, who will store them safely until the end of the day.
Forest School

Autumn 1 South Africa class and half of Ghana class will have Forest Schools Tuesday afternoons. Children should come to school in old clothes you don't mind them getting dirty or ruined. During their Forest Schoool sessions they will build dens and campsfires, explore their woodland classroom. They will attend Forest School in all weather execpt high winds or thunder storms. Pleas ensure you pack spare clothes and wellies on these days for them to change into if they get wet.

PE days

Year 6 will be on Monday and Tuesday. This means that on these days pupils are allowed to wear trainers and PE kit to school.
Healthy snack and lunchboxes
Please send your child in with a healthy snack to eat at break time. Ideas include breadsticks, fruit, chopped vegetables, dried fruit or a sandwich. If your child brings a packed lunch to school, please make sure there are no products that contain nuts (this does include many chocolate spreads) as we have children with allergies. Please also do not send your child to school with sweets or fizzy drinks in their lunch boxes. Some ideas can be found here If your child has a school dinner these  must be paid for and ordered in advance. If you receive certain means tested benefits you may be eligible for free school meals, please
email the office if you would like more information about this.

Homework and reading expectations
Year 6 homework focusing on English and Maths skills will be set on Thursdays and will be due in again on Wednesday. Each week this will include a spelling list and the expectation of practising multiplication tables on Times Tables Rock Star. Alongside the homework, pupils
are expected to read at least 5 times at week, with at least 3 of these times being to an adult so that pupils have the opportunity to discuss the content of the book and any new words they come across. 
How you can help your child in Year 6
Read regularly with your child.
Take your child to the town library and choose different types of books to read.
Practise multiplication tables together.
Play games such as Monopoly, Chess, Blokus, Dobble and Scrabble with your child to support their learning in Maths and English.
Spend time cooking with your child to practise reading and following instructions and understanding weights and measures.
Make sure any homework handed has been completed neatly.
Our topic this term is around World War 2. If you have family members or photos of life in the 1940s, please share this with your child.
What to do if you have any worries or concerns
You can contact your child's teacher through