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Vigo Primary School

Opening a World of Learning and Opportunity


  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2Summer 1 Summer 2 
Year R Block 1 Walking 1 High Low Over Under Ourselves Hands 2JumpingGames for Understanding 
Year 1 Block 1 Team BuildingGrowing Wide, Narrow, Curled Feet 1 Jumping 1 Hands 2 
Block 2 Running 1Health and Well Being Hands 1 Heroes Games for UnderstandingRackets, bats and Balls 
Year 2 Block 1 Team BuildingHealth and Well Being Hands 1 Mr Candys Sweet Factory Games for UnderstandingRackets, bats and Balls 
Block 2 Dodging 1 WaterLinking Feet 1 Jumping 1 Hands 2 
Year 3 Block 1 Comms and Tactics Basketball Tag Rugby Hockey Rounders Cricket 
Block 2 Symmetry Wild Animals MindfulnessWitches and Wizards Athletics Tennis 
Year 4 Block 1 Probem SolvingSwimmingHockey Tag Rugby Cricket Tennis 
Block 2 Basketball Cats Bridges MinfulnessAthletics Rounders 
Year 5 Block 1 Orienteering SwimmingGreeksCounter Balance Health Related Exercise Rounders 
Block 2 Hockey Basketball Tag Rugby Tennis Cricket Athletics 
Year 6 Block 1 LeadershipBasketball Matching and MirroringCarnival Athletics Swimming
Block 2 Tag Rugby Health Related Exercise Hockey Tennis Rounders Cricket