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R2L Provision

Ready To Learn (R2L) provision at Vigo Primary 


We are a provision to support children and develop their skills to be able to engage in a mainstream class when they present significant challenging behaviours.  The R2L room is the only resource currently in place in the county which offers this level of support in a mainstream school.  Within the class we work with a higher ratio of staff to children so that we are able to offer a higher level of support for the children's needs.  We develop the children's social and emotional skills so that the children are more able to manage their own behaviours.  We use a task followed by reward teaching system where children can begin to understand how they can feel positive when they are engaged in their education and presenting appropriate behaviours.  Staff will also use a curriculum which incorporates sensory and thrive based activities which support wider learning and promote self-reflection.  Within class we use a point system which enables the children to reflect on their work and behaviour.  This is then used a discussion point throughout the day.  This allows the children to have time to stop and think about their day in smaller chunks and take responsibility for how their day is going.

There are currently 4 members of staff working in the R2L room with the class (Mrs Spencer-Busby seems to got away with the lifelike drawing here). The class tried to draw them and this is what they look like... Mr Kew, Mr Howard and Mr Mosca