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Year R

Welcome to  Year R 


Year R is made up of three classes.

Penguins, Seals and Whales. 

Year R

Mrs Askwith, Seal Class 

Mrs Cousins, Whale Class 

Mr Edgington, Penguin Class 


The current start time for Year R is 8.45 and finish time is 3.00 - drop off and collection is at the Year R gate where you can have a brief chat (outside) if needed with all the lovely teachers. 


What to bring to school
At present, it might seem unnecessary to bring a book bag as children are not meant to be taking learning home. However, in class we have found that it may be useful if a set of spare clothes could be sent in bags. They will remain in bags unless needed. In addition, children can bring coats if you think the weather requires this, as well as a lunch box if this is your
preferred choice.


Healthy snack and lunchboxes 
Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are given a piece of fruit each day to eat at breaktime so parents do not need to provide a snack. All children in EYFS and KS1 are also entitled to a Universal Free School Meal. We advise parents to choose this option for their children as it meets the schools’ food standard and is nutritiously balanced. If your child brings a packed lunch to school, please make sure there are no products that contain nuts (this does include many chocolate spreads) as we have children with allergies. Please also do not send your child to school with sweets or fizzy drinks in their lunch boxes. Some ideas can be found here Children are also entitled to free milk on a daily basis. This is being provided in each class in the afternoons, as this is the longest period of the day. Children can choose if they wish to
have milk or not. They will also have access to their water bottles throughout the day so please ensure that these are brought to school each morning, filled with water only.


Homework and reading expectations
At present, children may not have a reading book. This is because we have not yet started to teach the phase of phonics that accompanies our home reading books while we give the children the opportunity to settle in to the new setting. If a child has shown that they have some phonics knowledge then we may start to explore text with them. Once books begin to
go home, we will only change these once we believe a child is reading the text consistently and fluenty. You can of course supplement the children’s reading experience by sharing bedtime stories and books at home.



If you have a question, you can e-mail your teacher: