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We Are Musicians!

'We Are Musicians!' is a celebration of music within our school community. We want to recognise all of the incredible musical talent that we have within our school!


If you are a pupil who loves to make music in any way - whether you have made your own instruments out of pots and pans, love to sing your favourite songs or whether you can play an instrument - we want to showcase what you can do! Send us a photo of you in action for us to add to this page!


Here you will find various examples of the enjoyment and creative expression through music that we have here at Vigo.

Miss Olsen and Miss Forrest - Piano and singing

We have a lot of members of staff here who love making music! Miss Olsen can play lots of different instruments and one of those is the piano. Miss Forrest enjoys singing, so they paired up to play this song from Moana.

Music Fact File
Instrument: piano and singing
Type of instrument: percussion
How to play: push the black and white piano keys with your fingers
Song name: How Far I'll Go

Miss Olsen says: "I started learning how to play the piano when I was around 14 because I wanted to play at church! I have played in my church since I was around 17."
Miss Forrest says: "I enjoy singing because it makes me realise how powerful my voice is! I love making others smile when I sing."