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Ralph - Blog

I love hearing you children read to me!

Easter Holidays!

Hello everyone!


I hope you have enjoyed your Easter holidays! I have had a lovely time here at home.


I've been quite busy this holiday as I have had a special friend to stay. His name is Buddy and I am very happy that he came to stay- here is a picture of me and my friend. We like playing together in the garden, chasing each other at the park and sometimes we try to eat each other's food - but the humans won't let us! We do lots of barking in the morning and it means Mrs Parry gets up really early every morning - we love it, but I'm not sure if she does... 




We were also very lucky that we had lots of hot, sunny weather over the holidays. That meant I got to play outside a lot with Buddy. I remembered to stay safe in the sun by finding lots of shade and resting there. I also made sure that I was drinking lots of water! I found some shade under a table and Buddy rested under some trees. I was so relaxed, I fell asleep!






During the two weeks off, I still wanted to keep my brain active, so I did some P4C (I like to call it P4D – Philosophy for Dogs!) I found a quiet spot and practised my thinking skills in the sunshine. I asked myself ‘Is change a good thing?’. We are all facing lots of change at the moment, so I wanted to reflect on my experiences. What are your thoughts on this question? Can you think of an example where change is positive?






Finally, I also did some arts and crafts. I hope you have all seen the video message from all the staff at Vigo – including me! We all miss you very much and wanted to send you a message. I was given my favourite word – ‘woof!’. I had lots of fun making my sign for you all and having my picture taken. I got to eat lots of cheese for sitting like a good boy!


You can watch the message here:


I am looking forward to seeing you all when we are back at school again.


Remember that we are all here for you if you need us.


Lots of love


Ralph xxx

Lock Down Blog


Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and looking after yourselves and your family! I have been social distancing at home and I thought you might like to know what I have been up to. I miss you all very much and I know your teachers do too. Every week I will write you a little message, telling you all about the things I have been up to! This week I have spent lots of time out in the garden because it has been so sunny! If you have a garden, I would recommend that you go out there too! The sunshine makes you happy and fresh air is really good for you. If you don’t have a garden you can go into, maybe go for a short walk with your family. Just make sure you stay at least 2 meters away from anybody who is not in your house.


One of my favourite things to happen this week was the discovery of a new food! Mrs Parry has bought me some squeezy cheese for when I am a good boy! Every time I follow the Vigo Hi-Five at home, I get a little bit. Do you have a favourite treat for when you’re good? Miss Parry has also been teaching me some new tricks. One is called ‘through the legs’. I wonder if you can guess what that might be? Every time I do it right, she gives me a little squeeze and I LOVE it!!!


Another thing I have been doing this week is keeping fit! I tried to join in with PE with Joe Wicks, but it’s pretty tricky for dogs. Miss Parry kept tripping over me! So instead, I have been going out into the garden and playing football! I LOVE football! Some of you have played it with me on the school field, so you have helped me to become really good! Keeping fit is really important, as it makes our bodies and our minds really strong and healthy. What exercises do you like to do? I would like to try some new ones next week. Email Mrs Parry or Miss Parry if you have any ideas for me!


On that note, I have been making some certificates this week that I would like to give to all of you amazing children who are doing some great home learning. If you email your teacher some wonderful work, then I can give them a certificate to pass on to you. As you know, my favourite thing in the world is listening to you all read. Please can you do lots of practise whilst you’re at home, so I can hear lots of wonderful stories when you get back? I miss them so much!


I will message you again next week. Make sure you all stay safe!


Lots of love,

Ralph xxx