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Year R

PSED: Making relationships, self-confidence and self-awareness and managing feelings and behaviour

PD: Health and Self-Care

UTW: People and Communities, The World and Technology

Year 1

Who helps to keep us safe?


What can we do with money?

What helps us to stay healthy?

What is the same and different about us?

Who is special to us?

How can we look after each other and the world?

Year 2

What makes a good friend?

What is bullying?

What can help us grow and stay healthy?

What helps us to stay safe?

What jobs do people do?

How do we recognise our feelings?

Year 3

How can we be a good friend?

What keeps us safe?

What are families like?

What makes a community?

How can we manage our feelings?

Why should we keep active and sleep well?

Year 4

How do we treat each other with respect?

Why should we eat well and look after our teeth?

How will we grow and change?

What strengths, skills and interests do we have?

How can we manage risk in different places?

How can our choices make a difference to others and the environment?

Year 5

What makes up a person’s identity?

What decisions can people make with money?

How can we help in an accident or emergency?

How can friends communicate safely?

How can drugs common to everyday life affect health?

What jobs would we like?

Year 6

How can we keep healthy as we grow?

How can the media influence people?

What will change as we become more independent?


We will be using the key question as the ‘hook’ to enthuse and engage the children each half term, it will be introduced during the PDL morning each half term, this will then lead to individual teachers tailoring the unit objectives, outcomes and overview to meet the needs of the children in their class.

PDL’s core themes:


Health and Wellbeing




Living in the Wider World