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Year R

EYFS linked to Geography.

Geography can be linked to nearly all of the Early learning goals and can be discretely explored. This will in turn help develop children’s knowledge of their direct environment and their place in it. This will support development in the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

This will happen through key factors such as forest school activities.


Early learning goals in Understanding the World are linked very closely with geography outcomes and will be taught through child interests through out the year.


Year 1

My School My Town

Human and physical geography

 Human and physical geography of Vigo school and the surrounding Andover Area Land use.



To the Coast

Place knowledge

What is the weather

Seasonal and daily weather patterns. Ongoing throughout the year, (Link with science)

Place knowledge

Human and physical geography of Andover and a Coastal town. (Lymington)



Tour the UK

Location knowledge

I live in the UK

Comparison of the 4 UK countries, capital cities, surrounding seas and their main geographical features.

Year 2

Where in the world

Location knowledge

Where are we from.

Comparing H&P features of Andover (our homes in England and global family links. 





Contrasting non-European areas

Locational knowledge

Place knowledge

Human and physical features ( London – Caracus)


Contrasting Climates

Human and physical – Seasonal and daily weather patterns.

Extended to hot and cold comparison in relation to UK, Equator and the poles.



Year 3


Settlements and land use

I am learning to understand contrasting environmental regions through the study of human and physical geography in the United Kingdom and Europe (Italy).

Name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom and locate key areas of European region. Identify key topographical features (including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers), and land-use patterns; and understand how some of these aspects have changed over time due to aspects such as tourism.



To explain the cause and effect of volcanoes and apply understanding of how volcanoes erupt and the impact on it has settlements and the surrounding environment. Pompei, Sicily / New forest comparison.


I can use an 8 point compass, locate and describe points on a OSM.


Analyse the importance of the Equator, the tropics and link to climate and weather patterns.

Year 4

Biomes and topography

Build understanding of biomes (Link to topographical features) and to land use and settlements. Comparison of temperate forest and chaparral biomes.  


Develop understanding of the 8 points of a compass.



Analyse Communities and infrastructures of Brazil and compare to that of UK regions local to Andover such as Lepe beach and London.


Investigate and compare how both these regions have been impacted by global warming Recap learning of Equator and tropics).

Energy us

Name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom connected to Andover, and surrounding sources of energy, for example solar farms

 Develop understanding of OSM and the 6 figure grid reference, symbols and keys. Complete a field work project applying developing knowledge, presenting and justifying conclusions on school energy use.



Year 5

Fair trade

describe and understand key aspects of:


human geography, including: the distribution of natural resources including, food, minerals and water

Fair trade

Global vegetation belts link to aspects such as food distribution and regional infrastructure.



Develop understanding of how rivers have been a key georgical influences on human settlements in connection to trade and other factors. Explore, compare and hypothesise the use of rivers and how this has changed over time. Use local rivers, Thames and Mississippi. 


Field study of rivers collecting data and making observation’s (link to water cycle and mountains).


North American study (Jamaica)

Compare rural and urban areas of Jamaica. Develop understanding of how aspects such as topography, Human geography, trade and tourism have impacted the country.


Debate as to why some areas of Jamaica are now prosperous and other regions impoverished.



Year 6

WW2s changing landscape

Andover Land use study


Compare how land was used in and around Andover pre and post WW2.

Natural disasters.


To build an understanding of how natural disasters can impact a regions physical and human geography. (Turkey, San Francisco, Chile).


Argue why we need to prevent increase in natural disasters and how we may do this.



Andover distribution

Local UK study of essential goods distribution.

Road usage survey.


Map work