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Vigo Primary School

Opening a World of Learning and Opportunity

Who's Who

Current Staff List


Headteacher - Mrs J Bray -

Deputy Headteacher - Miss L Pearson -

SENCO -  Mrs S Wright -

Assistant Headteachers -
Mr G Kew - 
Mrs K Roach


School Business Manager - Mrs T Hampton

Finance Manager - Mr M Christmas

SIMs & Admissions Administrator - Mrs Z White

Admin Assistant- Mrs R Scahill


Site Manager - Mr B Baker


Year Group Class Teacher Class LSAs
Year R

Seal - Miss C White

Whale - Mrs C Cousins

Penguin - Mr G Edginton

Mrs D Jones

Mrs E Hargrave & Mrs U Cardy

Mrs K White

Year 1

Portugal - Mrs N Wright / Miss H Blunden (Schools Direct)

Norway - Miss L Olsen (NQT)

Iceland - Miss E Forrest

Mrs O Barnes

Mrs L Hardiman-James

Miss C Brown

Year 2

Chile - Miss C Parry

Peru - Mrs S Mitchell

Brazil - Miss J Farrell

Mrs S Clarke & Mrs M Lichocinska

Mrs S Marney & Miss E Hackman

Miss C Bergin

Year 3

Australia - Mrs T Hickman

Fiji - Mr Cooper

New Zealand - Miss J McSherry (NQT)

Mrs G Holden

Ms K Snooks

Mrs S Howard

Year 4

Japan - Mrs J Warboys

Nepal - Miss T Crossman (NQT)

Georgia - Ms Charis Butcher (NQT)

Mr S Drake (HLTA)

Mrs H Mallon & Mrs C Brohan

Mrs K Kilhams

Year 5

Costa Rica - Mrs L Starbuck-Braidley / Ms K Field

Jamaica - Ms L Stott (NQT)

Canada - Ms A Bowyer

USA - Mrs S Martin / Ms N Ford

Miss V Bass

Mrs J Phillips

Mrs C Bryan 

Mrs Pass

Year 6

Kenya - Miss V Taylor

South Africa - Mrs J Lake

Madagascar - Mrs O Davies / Mrs E Wepener

Mr A Howard

Mrs L Weymouth (HLTA-PPA PM)

Mrs A Hodges

Nurture and


The Maldives 

Miss P Thomson

Miss V Phillips

Ms L Hardy

Resourced Provision The Rainforest - Mrs C Neale Mrs E Taylor
R2L Room Mr G Kew Mr P Mosca

PPA / Cover - Mrs M Jones


Child and Family support worker - Mrs K Parry -

Inclusion Leader -

Looked After Children Lead - Karen Field


Librarian - Mrs J Baker (Parent Helper)

MDSAs (Lunchtime support)

Mrs L Parker

Mrs U Cardy

Mrs D Clarke

Mrs J Taylor

Mrs R Rowling

Miss T Allen

Ms J White

Mrs J Baldwin

Mrs D Horne

Mrs D Harvey

Miss N Perry

Miss A Walters

Site Team Members

Ms K Podraza

Ms E Goodwin

Ms V Gamble

Ms T McKeown

Ms E Stainer

Mr J Cox