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Vigo Primary

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Who's Who

Current Staff List


Headteacher - Mrs J Bray -

Deputy Headteacher - Miss L Pearson -

SENCO -  Mrs S Wright -

Assistant Headteachers -
Mr G Kew - and Mrs K Roach


Admin Manager - Mrs V Tuffrey

Admin Assistant - Mrs Z White

Admin Assistant - Mrs R Scahill

SEN Admin Assistant - Mrs S Foley


Site Manager - Mr B Baker


Year Group Class Teacher Class LSAs
Year R

Peach - Mrs C White

Pear - Mrs C Brown

Plum - Mrs N Wright & Mrs R Webb

Mrs E Hargrave

Miss D Jones

Mrs S Clarke

Hailey Blunden

Year 1

Cherry - Ms S Cleary-King

Lime - Mr J Solomon

Apricot - Miss C Parry

Schools Direct - Mrs H Harkess

Mrs U Cardy

Mrs K White

Miss G Blunden

Year 2

Apple - Mrs T Hickman

Olive - Mrs S Mitchell

Orange - Miss E Dean

Schools Direct - Mr M Hewlett

Mrs S Howard

Miss C Bergen

Leanne Hardiman James

Year 3

Ash - Miss E Morton

Oak - Miss K Smith

Elm - Mrs Wright

Schools Direct - Miss H Callaghan

Miss C Hamilton

Mrs L McDermott

Miss J Spencer-Busby

Year 4

Acer - Mrs K Roach

Teak - Mr M Bird


Mrs H Mallon

Mr A Howard

Year 5

Maple - Mrs J Lake

Holly - Miss V Taylor

Mrs A Pass

Sarah Marney


Year 6

Willow - Miss Pearson

Poplar - Mr G Cooper

Spruce - Mrs J Warboys

Mrs L Weymouth

Mrs S Smith

Mrs C Brohan

Nuture and


Nurture Teacher - Miss K Field

Ms P Thomson

Miss V Phillips

Ms L Hardy


Child and Family support worker - Mrs K Parry -

Resource Provision Manager - Mrs C Neale, Mrs E Taylor, Mrs S Spicer

HLTA - Mrs L Weymouth (KS2), Mrs A Kidd (KS1), Mrs S Palmer (KS1)

PPA Cover - Miss H Jessup

PPA Cover - Mrs S Martin

MDSAs (Lunchtime support)

Mrs L Parker

Mrs U Cardy

Mrs D Horne

Mrs J Taylor

Ms S Wiggett

Mrs K White

Mrs R Rowling

Mrs L Tough

Ms M Waller

Ms J White

Mrs J Baldwin

Mrs D Clarke

Mrs D Harvey

Mrs S Lloyd

Mrs A Cousins

Miss N Perry

Mrs J Scowen



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