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Vigo Primary School

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Year 3


Year 3 is made up of three classes; 

Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. 


Australia – Miss Nightingale
New Zealand – Mr Stott
Fiji – Mrs Black (Mon-Wed) and Mrs McNeil (Thu-Fri)


Start / End of Day
In Year 3, our day starts at 8:35 and ends at 3:15. Please ensure your child arrives to school on time so they don’t miss out on our learning. Arriving in class late can be unsettling for your child and disrupts the smooth running of the classroom.


What to Bring to School
Children should bring their reading books and diaries into school each day in a small backpack or book bag. Children should only need to bring into school, a water bottle (containing water not squash) and their packed lunch. Everything else is provided.


PE Days
Year 3 PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Please come to school wearing trainers and PE kit. 


Forest Schools

Autumn 1 - Fiji Class will have Forest Schools every Wednesday morning.

Healthy Snack
Please send your child in with a healthy snack to eat at break time. Ideas include breadsticks, fruit, chopped vegetables, dried fruit or a sandwich.


If your child brings a packed lunch to school, please make sure there are no products that contain nuts (this does include many chocolate spreads) as we have children with allergies. Please do not send your child to school with sweets or fizzy drinks in their lunch boxes. Some healthy ideas can be found here:

Reading 5 x per week
Maths Tasks
Handwriting Practice

How you can help your child in Year 3





Listen to your child read at least 5 times per week. 


Check your child can read ALL the Year 2 ‘Tricky’ words. 


Ask questions about what your child has read to check comprehension. 


Ask them to tell you ‘the best bit’ of the book they have read. 

Practise ‘Kinetic Letters’ handwriting set as homework each week. Encourage neat careful handwriting. 


Build up finger muscle strength through bursts of ‘pincer’ finger activities such as; Hama beads, Lego, peg board, pegging out the washing, threading etc.

Try these ideas too: 


Search: Mama Ot + 25 fine motor activites using household items




Spell days of the week using capital letters. 


Spell months of the year using capital letters. 


Spell Year 2 Common Exception Words. 


Practise spelling Year 3-4 Common Exception Words.

Recall addition and subtraction facts to 20 


Doubles up to 20 + 20  



Count in 3s

3 x tables


Count in 4s 

4 x tables


Spell number words i.e. eight, thirteen, twenty, forty, hundred etc. 


Talk about time.

Count in 5s around the clock.  

Tell the time in 5-minute intervals – analogue clock and digital.  


What to do if you have any worries or concerns

You can email your child's teacher through