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Covid-19 Coronavirus Update Wednesday 18th March 2020

You may have just heard the announcement on the news regarding the closing of schools to most children as of Friday 20th March 2020.


Within Vigo, we will be meeting tomorrow to work out what this will look like for our pupils and what level of service we will be able to offer during this time. 


We know for certain that school will provide a provision for children with a Social Worker and for those with an EHCP however, when we are clearer about exactly which professions are covered by this decision I will send another letter detailing what will happen from Monday onwards.  In advance, please do not be offended if we ask for proof of your profession.  In order to stop the spread of COVID-19 it is very important we restrict school to those groups laid out by the government.


Thank you for your support over this very difficult and unprecedented period.  Again, for anyone who is feeling poorly, we are thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery.